How It Works

Post a Crime

Anyone can post a crime by submitting information about the crime including:

  • Location of crime
  • Description of crime
  • Suspect profile
  • Suspect picture (if available)
  • Crime video (if available)
  • Reward

The cost to post a crime is:

  • Single Crime - $19.99
  • Monthly and Annual subscriptions - To post an unlimited # of crimes for an individual location.
  • Multiple location pricing & discounts - contact us via email at or via phone at 800-530-1835 ext 2 to discuss multiple location pricing & discounts.

Review Crimes

Review crimes in your area using the Search functionality.

Registered users will also receive emails when a new crime in their area has been added to the website.

Submit Tips

All tips are completely anonymous - each tip is assigned a unique Tip ID # that is known only to the person giving the tip.

Review Tip Status

Tipsters can go to the Tip Status Review screen and enter the Tip ID # to check the status of a tip. Alternatively, if the tipster was registered or provided an email address when they entered the tip then an email is sent to them when the status of a tip changes.

Investigate Tips

All tips are investigated by the person/company who submitted the crime or the local police department. Who investigates the tip is designated by the person who posted the crime. The status of each tip will be updated as the investigation proceeds:

  • Submitted
  • Under investigation
  • Rejected
  • Arrest Made
  • Conviction complete and reward ready to be picked up

Reward Collection
The winning tipster will receive instructions for how to pick up their reward on the Tip Status Inquiry screen - or via email if they are a registered user or provided an email address when they provided the tip.